PS3 Rosters

College Hoops 2k8 Rosters for the Playstation 3

1. Put flash drive in your computer.

2. Open “My Computer” and go to your removable device (flash drive you just inserted) and create a folder named PS3 (MUST BE CAPS).

3. Within that “PS3” folder you just created, create another folder named SAVEDATA. Again must be in all caps and no spaces.

4. Download the attached file.

5. Extract the folder somewhere on your hard drive of your computer (C: Drive).

6. Go to wherever you downloaded the file and unzip it. Click on the unzipped folder to copy/move the file.

7. Paste/move it on your flash drive in the “SAVEDATA” folder you created within the “PS3” folder.

8. Take the flash drive out of your computer.

9. Put flash drive in one of your PS3 USB ports.

10. On your PS3, go to Save Game utility, press X.

11. Go up to where it should say something like “USB Cruiser Mini” or something along those lines, that’s your flash drive, press x.

12. Go to the roster file, press triangle, and copy it to your PS3’s hard drive.

13. Take flash drive out of your PS3 if you wish.

14. Boot up THE GAME



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